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Saturday, 31 August 2013

Plans for today........

included some sewing but well you know how these things are.......... I had to go out to the Post Office to get the Coaster swap on its way and pick up a few things for Mum and suddenly 2 hours had gone by,  I spent a little while with Mum, came home for lunch and then up to the workroom and OMG the floor was a mess.... out came the vac and it now looks much better! but.... as SVQ have a small exhibition at the local Flower Show next week I thought I should check for urgent emails and have a look at a blog I heard about today and suddenly its 5pm and I have not sewn a stitch!!! So I thought I would come over here and chat to all you quilters out there, first up another finish is ready to share, knitting this time not sewing but I am quite proud of this as it's the biggest thing I've ever made using 4 ply yarn.

Pattern Detail
This is the baby blanket I told you about a few posts ago, its a really easy pattern but I found it needed a little concentration, The picture of the detail is a little hard to see but basically the wider stocking stitch areas (over 11sts) form little diamond shapes with 6 rows of garter stitch and 6 of moss stitch in blocks (over 6sts) between. I intend to enter it in the show next week plus a few other bits and pieces if I can. I have loads more of the yarn and hopefully I'll make another one and adjust the pattern slightly so that it's the same but different (if that makes sense!). 
I have large project on my design wall (for design wall read 'pinned to the wallpaper'!!!) Some of you may remember a post in late Aug 2011 about some Round Robin Random Log Cabin Blocks to turn into charity quilts at SVQ.. well I went on making  6.5" blocks from my scraps but finally I've decided it's time to stop and join them together, I started by joining them into fours and once I had 9 larger blocks, I then decided to 'break them up' with some solid blue sashing and sashing squares, unfortunately as they have been made over a long time some of them have stretched a little, plus some were sewn by hand and the rest on 3 different sewing machines so the 1/4" seems to vary.  I will have to adjust the sashing to fit, but so far its not going to badly.

I am quite pleased with the way its working out I know the red centres are not all in the same place but I hope that adds to the randomness of the project and I think it will probably go to the Children's Charity project at SVQ later this year as its bright and colourful. Now all I have to do is decide what to do with the other 119 x 6.5" blocks that are left!! I had not realised how many I had made, Oh well! back to the drawing board! as they say.
Well that's all for now.
see you all soon.


  1. I must say that I love the randomness of this quilt. Have fun playing with those 'leftovers' on your drawing board!!

  2. Thank you for your kind words, makes me feel much more 'comfortable' about all that random colour Tee Hee!