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Thursday, 29 August 2013


Hello everyone, Yes I'm here again after a few weeks 'missing in action'. I am STILL having problems with the car again on the way to DD's and AGAIN with the brakes which this time seized up completely so another man in a yellow van was called for and this time the car has been at the garage for a week, to say I am fed up with it is the understatement of the week. I have been staying at DD's doing some babysitting and helping her with the publicity for her new job, last Monday 4 of us delivered 1,700 leaflets in the area around her venue... Phewww!!!I'm still stiff from all that walking.
Last time I promised you all a 'look see' at the NEC pictures I took so I'll start right here with a few that really caught my eye. I tried to remember to get the makers names this year so full credit can be given where it is due.Plus I have been doing some sewing and have a finish to share with you Yes I said A FINISH! Details at the end.
Books quilt by Kate Crossley
Detail 1 of above
Detail 2 of above
'Fibonacci Fandango' by Jess Williams    
Detail of above
'Sunshine and Shadow' by Anne Armes.  this was amazing!!!
Close ups of  'Sunshine & Shadow'

'Entwined' by Gill Sharpe
Detail of 'Entwined' This was a stunning quilt made entirely of coloured silks
Makers -  June Bexton, Jan Rowe & Sandy Cory
Makers - Suzanne Gummo & Diane Firth

this was like looking at  real feathers!!!!

Now on to that FINISH, this is something I have had on the go for about 6 months, I got the pattern for the Redwork embroidery by Lenna Green as a free download when I  joined the website of the Stitching Cow a great Australian blog that I follow. I fancied doing some embroidery and this caught my attention, having worked the embroidery I thought it would be nice as a small wall hanging as I quilted diagonal straight lines, then used some pretty 'christmnassy' fabric from the stash and hey presto, I even made a label using the text on my machine. I hope you are impressed as I don't usually have anything to do with the 'C' word till at least mid November then decide it's too late to start a project for this year. My current Hand sewn project is a needle case made from felt also a free download but I can't remember where from (Sorry!! if it was your blog do let me know then I can send you a picture of the finished needle-case). Well thats all for now folks.
See you soon (I Hope)
'under construction'
'Let it Snow!'


  1. How amazing are those 'works of art' quilts!! I particularly love the 'Fibonacci Fandango'..but then I would with my penchant for loving the odd hexie or two!! How cool is the 'Sunshine & Shadow'...simply gobsmacking!! I am very impressed with your 'Let it Snow' block finish...well done!! 'Tis very sensible of you to start now...afterall the word "C" will be upon us before you can say 'Tis the Night before Christmas"!! Hope that 'jalopy' of yours fixes itself soon!!

  2. Hi There,Thank you for your kind words, I'm kinda proud of the snowman too! he will be taking centre stage in my Hallway in due course.I know what you mean about hexies, I love em too!