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Monday, 29 July 2013

So soon I hear you ask!!!

Well would you believe it, only a few hours later and here I am again. Its still hot but we're having some gentle rain (which started yesterday) and there are a few bright spells. DH has gone out and so I have a few hours uninterrupted time to spend up here.
At the beginning of July our little GD, celebrated her 2nd birthday, Mummy & Daddy took her to Bristol Zoo. while we prepared for a family celebration in the garden.
The sun shone, we hung balloons everywhere we could
these are on the wire that connects the Bird Box camera to the house!
She had a new swing to play on, with pink ribbons of course!
She played in her paddling pool before......
Opening her other presents. she loved this Panda I made for her, she loves the Maisie Mouse films and  Maisie has a friend who happens to be a Panda, so it was a 'no brainer' to make this, which now goes everywhere with her. If she puts it down I'll try to get a better picture.
The next thing to happen was that we did not get away, because DD was taken poorly just before we were due to go, sooo poorly that at 4am her partner almost called an ambulance and he is definitely not one to PANIC!! They had phoned the out of hours Dr (who didn't seem much help) and I was called to sit with H while DSIL could get her to her GP, who diagnosed Labrythitis which is apparently a severe imbalance of the inner Ear which causes symptoms I can only liken to violent sea-sickness, he (the Dr) explained that even when lying completely still your brain thinks you are moving so when you do move it causes severe dizziness and nausea coupled with extreme tiredness, and it could take 2 - 3 weeks for the symptoms to subside!! The only treatment was tablets to keep her from feeling (and being) sick and complete rest. So there I was staying with them to look after Little H and do a few household chores etc, while DH stayed here and managed as best he could (which was actually very well indeed as there was lots of County Cricket at his cricket club to watch!)
I have spent the last two weeks staying a couple of days at DD's then popping home for a night until last Monday around 7.30am on my way back up there, the brakes failed on my car just as I got into the rush hour traffic near Gloucester which made life very interesting, I did manage to stop the car but only just and decided that it was easier to get to DD's (10 mins away) than go home (45 mins away) I decided that I would stay the night as planned and then get a 'very nice man in a big Yellow van'  (aka the AA) to pick me up and take me home next day.
I had just rung the Nice man when the glass company who were going to repair my cracked windscreen (that also happened on the way to DD's the previous week) rang to postpone an appointment for Wednesday (I was not a happy bunny I can tell you:-(( Having got home, my mechanic took my poorly car away and diagnosed failure of the Master brake cylinder :-() and it would be today before I got the car back, I then had to re organize the re-organized glass appointment till this week! Phewww!!! Thankfully my car is now 'better' and came home on Saturday evening (the mechanics having worked all day to get it done, - Jim and Vance you are my hero's!!!) the Glass Co are coming Wednesday and joy of joys DD is feeling much better!!!
While I was staying in Gloucester and on one of  DD's better days I took them to the beautiful  Pittville Park in Cheltenham for a change of scenery,
 pittville pump room and lake
Its some years since I last went there and we really enjoyed the visit, H got to have a run around and play on the swings while DD sat quietly under a tree and enjoyed the views, we finished up with a picnic lunch before heading home.
a wave for the camera
with gran'ma
I have joined another swap, this time for some coasters, (see the button in the side bar) Today I got my swap partner's details and have sent a reply to introduce myself, I have sorted out some fabrics, but first I must visit her Blog to see what preferences she has.Tonight is a meeting of Knit and Knatter so I need to get my stuff ready but first I am off to re-join Slimming World, I have been very bad since the beginning of the year and need to get back to it so hopefully you will see 'less of me' next time LOL.
Keep smiling and enjoy the summer.


  1. Hello Lorraine, Enjoying a visit through your blog with a cup of coffee in Bedford Nova Scotia.

    1. Oh No I didn't know about Rita MacNeil, what a loss to the music world! Thank for offering to 'swap' music too that sounds such fun.

      Thanks for the info re the quilt, I sometimes visit Amanda Jean's blog so will have a look over there soon. Her book sounds fun too and I like the way you went about making it, will keep that in mind for when I start mine!
      Have fun