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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

WIP Wednesday

Well actually its not all WIPs today, I made a little card for my Brothers Friend Jenny who moved into her new flat on Monday, tho from what my Brother says its not really a flat more of 2(rooms that is) & a Loo!!! So instead of buying a card which will eventually end up being binned, thought I would make a card which is actually a little mini quilt (6"x4") and she can put it in her living room and it won't take up too much space, Hope she likes it!
 I've also been making and stuffing chickens YES! chickens, I'm doing an evening workshop at SVQ in March and one for Bristol Guide Leaders (also in March) I first made one of these following instructions from Quilty friend Sheila, after missing the workshop for a log cabin version at WPQ with Ruth . I must have got it awfully wrong somewhere while following 'hastily scribbled down during a telephone conversation instructions' and my attempt became the oddest strangest chicken you have ever seen, so much so that they all laughed (out Loud!!! how rude!!!) at CTQ when I took her in for Show & Tell. - however I thought she had a certain 'something' what do you think? Anyway she has now been unpicked and reassembled - gently of course, plus I made some smaller versions, ands a knitted one, the fabric ones just need eyes and I have to assemble the knitted one, pictures of those next time.
My Wonkey Chicken!
 As part of the Process Pledge here is what I did for the Penny Rug W/S from the January meeting at SVQ.
Selected Templates

Fabric & felt shapes cut out

Fabric flowers pinned in place, I used little applique pins!
Flowers and leaves Blanket stitched all round and back added.
I used dark blue Needle cord
On Monday evening I went to a special meeting of WPQ, we joined forces with Clifton Quilters to enable us to book a 'famous' speaker, it was arranged that Lynne Edwards would come to talk to us but unfortunately her husband was taken ill and she was unable to come, however with the combined efforts of both committees and many telephone calls later they were able to secure Katherine Guerrier. You may remember I did a workshop with Katherine last October (see previous post) I have long been a fan of Katherine's after seeing one of her quilts in a magazine bought many years ago while still a 'newbie quilter'. Now I only bought that magazine because I (foolishly) thought I could make that quilt! When I got home and looked properly it was 12" square so it never got made!!! until.... I was trying to find a project for a Chairman's Challenge and decided that I would make the quilt, but BIGGER. the challenge, to use an fat 1/8th of fabric chosen by the Chairman and so with the addition of some batiks and calico for background 'Broken Dishes & Batiks' became a reality. (see previous post July 2010) Katherine's quilts didn't disappoint, beautiful colourful and all made from scraps and small pieces of fabric. As I needed definitely needed another book LOL  I bought the one she had on offer (signed of course) and a cute bookmark. All I need to do now is finish the quilt I started at the workshop in October!!! and make something from the e-book of hers I bought at the workshop.

Well! Thats about it for today folks so see you all soon, I'm off to watch TV, Byeeee!

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