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Thursday, 4 August 2011

A Week-end approaches

Hi All
As the title suggests I am getting ready for the week-end, not a frantically busy one though there is an exhibition afoot, Clock Towers have been invited to exhibit some of their work along side the Flower Arrangers and Banner Group for St. Mary's Church Almondsbury. (See poster in previous post 14th July) I have a selection of quilts here for those who could not deliver directly to the Church tomorrow plus a few of my own. I will stay and help set up if I'm needed, otherwise I'm planning to have some sewing time.
I have decided to exhibit several small quilts and 2 wall hangings which you have seen before in previous posts, the one you haven't seen is 'Bears in Squares' approx 40" square, this quilt is one I made as a sample when I  taught a 'Quilt in a Day' workshop several years ago,  nowadays it is usually included in my bag when I go out to give a talk, I have another quilt top made using the same technique which was my working sample and now resides in my UFO box waiting to be finished.

On Friday evening I have a ticket to hear Bettina Havig giving a talk, which has been organized by Region 5 of the Quilter's Guild, then on Saturday I will try to take my Mum to see the exhibition and take  some pictures of the CTQ quilts on display, we have a photographic record of most 'Show and Tell' items brought to meetings so these pictures can go in our 'archive'. In the evening I will probably 'veg out' in front of the telly while DH is out for a few a 'swift halves' at the Cricket Club. Sunday of course is the day of rest (I wish!!) and I may get a bit of sewing done in the afternoon.
I'm going to the F.O.C at the N.E.C on Saturday 13th and taking Harriet, (though she doesn't yet know it) it will be interesting to see her reaction to an international Quilt show after the way she enjoyed Malvern. If any blogging friends are reading this perhaps we could meet up for a quick coffee/natter, leave me a comment or send me an email and we'll see what we can do, I'm certainly going to try to see Pippa from 'Welsh Quilts'  and look out for the quilt she has entered with my Bell block in it.
I have been doing some knitting, I saw an idea for a knitted rosette on Vanessa's blog over at Do you Mind if I Knit  and asked her if I could copy it, she very kindly said Yes! It's knitted in cotton yarn on very small tiny needles (size 13 UK), so far I have made the centre which I am struggling fighting with to make it lie flat, I have it pinned into submission on the ironing board with a damp cloth over it and we'll see what happens when I take it off tomorrow, so it's a bit watch this space as they say, anyway here's a WIP picture.

I have just realized that it's 10.45pm and 'im downstairs AKA DH has NOT made me a cuppa all evening so I'll be off to make my own and then I'm going to bed or it will be too late to read any of my book while I drink the tea!
See you all soon.

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