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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Visiting Blogger

Hi I'm H ,
Lorraine has said I'm allowed to post something on her blog to explain what we have been up to. Lorraine picked me up this morning w a a a y to early at about 10:00 am, She said we weren't going straight to her house but wouldn't tell me where we were going!  Finally I saw the Pets At Home shop and realized we were going to my Aunties house to see my new cousin, baby H, I was really exited and couldn't wait as I love babies<3 and I love seeing Monty and Ted because they are soo playful. While we were there I got to hold my first cousin :)), at first she cried a bit but I got her settled down and she fell asleep, we took loads of photos !! Baby H has a really pretty bedroom and lovely clothes ! It's funny because Lorraine keeps getting our names confused, its a lot more confusing now there are 2 H's in the family.
Today I finished the Pennant I have been making to send to the Olympics
 and tomorrow I'm hoping to start some new projects,I would like to make something to put on my bedroom wall, so that I have something I've made on display. On Saturday my friend L is coming over and we are going to make cupcake wall hangings. I'm going to put mine in my school locker at the beginning of term. (if it comes out OK) I'm also hoping to get a chance to use some Angelina fibre, as I saw a demonstration by a stallholder at the FOQ who explained how to use it , Lorraine bought a stamp to try out but we haven't had chance yet! I also want to make a patchwork bag with some 'music' fabric that Lorraine bought for me at Malvern and a Union Jack cushion, I have soo many projects I want to do at the moment. I hope to pop by another time. Love H

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