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Monday, 6 April 2015

It's been a week..

..since I did any sewing, but before I venture into writing this post I would like to welcome new follower David to my little blog, I found him via my 'excursions' into the Grow your Blog event and started to follow him HERE.  We had Little H to stay over last weekend which was busy and lots of fun, and then the usual excuses of life got in the way. but I do have finish to show you all..
these are Barbara's gloves, There seemed to be something very wrong with my camera when I took this so this is not the best picture, the colours are not quite this bright, I'm pleased to report that she was delighted with them but as the weather has brightened somewhat and she is still wearing a finger splint from recent surgery she may not get to wear them for a while. I am still plodding away at the BIG sweater project for DH, I'm on the last few increases for the sleeves, then I'll have to do some careful measuring as he has very long arms, before the final bit of this knitting marathon. I have some yarn ready for my next small project, (I always have a small project on the go at all times which means I can carry it around with me! Is it just me or does anybody else knit in the coffee shop/on the bus etc???) I want to try knitting socks and having spotted these in my wool shop I couldn't resist buying them..
aren't they gorgeous? can't wait to get some on the needles, tho not sure which I will use first so watch this space.
All the Family came over for Easter Sunday lunch which we turned into a family Christmas complete with Crackers and Pigs in Blankets plus I used the meal as an excuse to try out a Cranberry Apple and Bacon stuffing which I found a recipe for in a magazine. Our Christmas if you remember, was a bit of a damp squib with DSIL's illness and hospital stay. So with all the family in the best of health,  this weekend seemed a good time to 'do it all again'. A lovely day was had by all, the weather had improved so Little H was able to play in the garden, and some of us sat in the conservatory after lunch. I invited Barbara round as she was home on her own so it was a great time all round.
Now for a catch up, waaaay back on  19th June last year I promised to show you the results of a secret project I was involved in via the Wool Stop and Knitter Knatter, as the camera was I was using was playing up at the time (do I see a theme emerging here? note to self to buy a new camera and soon!!!!) I never got round to showing you the results so here come the pictures, the event was the Britain in Bloom competition. Our group of knitters were approached by the organizing committee for Thornbury's entry via Tina at the shop, we were asked to make 11 hanging baskets full of knitted flowers for the competition. Were we up for the challenge? YOU BET and here are some of the results, This is the basket outside the Shop
 and a close up
we managed to fill all 11 baskets and they looked super (tho 2 were stolen) and the best news was they got quite a few comments from the judges when they were going round and Thornbury WON a GOLD award
(See Here). I just loved the little bees and butterfly's.
Well I guess that's all for today, I have the newsletter for WPQ to do later so I best get something sorted for that.


  1. Glad you were able to have a nice get together with your family! The hanging baskets are beautiful! Well deserved gold prize.

    1. Thank you for your comments Colleen, I am now recovered from the family weekend which despite being exhausting was wonderful - not everyone can celebrate Christmas and Easter on the same day eh?