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Saturday, 11 April 2015

It's been a good week...

The weather has been wonderful with long light evenings and hot spring days, tho not so good for stitching, the work room gets really hot from around 11.30am till sundown so no progress.... or so you may think, I have been knitting of course, the increases for the BIG sweater project are finished I just have to get the sleeves to 21.5" before I can start the decreasing (did I tell you he had long arms?). The sock project also made progress this week, last weekend the first one looked like this
I had just 'turned the heel and was amazed at how easy it was, trouble is I now am completely obsessed with knitting socks and couldn't put them down, so by Thursday of this week I had finished them both, don't they look splendid? Trouble is I will have to wait till the cooler months to wear them (sigh!)
After some very good news recently, I have started another small knitting project or rather lots of small ones! A few weeks ago we heard that some friends of ours are expecting a baby in late October, they already have children (10 to be exact between them - long story!!!) so this came as a complete surprise but delightful news all the same. While chatting to the 'Mum to be' the other day, I offered to make her some baby jackets, hats etc and she accepted the offer adding that her previous babies have all been born early and quite small, right up my street cos as you all know I love making 'premmie' clothes so I'll start with those. I plan to make a selection using the yarns I have 'in stock' and she can then select those that she likes/needs. After they're done I will make another selection of larger garments, I'm going to aim for a completion date nearer to late August/September to be on the safe side, and if there are any left over I can donate them to the local Maternity/SCBU unit
I promised myself I would sew today so, after a visit to Mum's where I enjoyed a nice cuppa. I got back here and came straight up to the workroom. I managed to get the letters for the Alphabet wall hanging enlarged with the help of the very nice man in the copy shop and they looked about right on the centre panel, once that was done I cleverly (well I thought I was clever and that's what counts eh?) turned the 'h' into an upper case letter. So having cut them out and after lots of careful measuring I bond-a-webbed them in place, I stitched around them as I did on the picture panels. So at last the top is done and looks like this.
I am very pleased with it and plan to push on with the backing, which will be the same fabric as  for the sashing/centre panel but, I will have to piece it using some of the left over block fabrics as I made a silly cutting error and now the piece of backing left will not be big enough:-((( Hopefully I can get it done at Clock Tower Quilter's next Saturday, there will be plenty of room as 3 of our number 'jetted off' to the US yesterday for a Quilt holiday. Lucky Ducks!!! Once today's sewing was completed I made another 15 minutes of play block,
before doing some sorting out, in readiness for the move to my new workroom. I have loads of orphan blocks which have been hanging around for a looong time- you know how it goes new project, better try out the block before we cut the 'nice fabrics'. plus I have some I have been given,  I decided which ones I can/will use and the others I'll donate to Severn Valley's Charity project for 2015. This year we are making seat cushions which will be given to the local Methodist Church, the chairs in the hall are pretty uncomfortable hence the cushions.
I am now sat writing this on the laptop in front of a movie ('Nottinghill' AGAIN... I'm a big fan of Julia Roberts and will watch her films again and again) and when this post is done I will get on with some baby knitting.
Finally the big build continues apace, almost all the floor joists are in and the next job will be taking the roof off the garage to fit the last 3 joists, then building the walls can commence, Whoo Hoo!!! DH says he will be ordering the blocks etc next week so it's all looking very positive.
I'll be signing off till next time, now where's my knitting?


  1. Those sox are awesome! The brighter the better is my motto! Well, after 10 (between them) children, the new addition deserves some special attention...........................

    1. Hello again Doreen, thanks for stopping by, Yes that's now my thoughts on knitted sox, just wait till you see the next pair!! Yes I already have the yarn, after I have done the baby knitting of course!