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Friday, 8 June 2012

Another week Flies By!!

 Tonight I thought I would fill you in on some overlooked pictures from my post waaay back on the 16th May when I told you about SVQ's trip to Threads & Patches in Fenny Stratford. (Here) I was babysitting and was using DSIL's lap top, and did not have the photos with me, but I had every intention of posting the pictures 'next time'. But I forgot! Best laid plans and all that! So I thought I would post them tonight.
kits for mini bags
Pretty cord to use with the Kumihimo loom I bought. More on that later!
Everyone got a free kit to make up at home
some 1/2 metres of fabrics
Some of the girls at lunch in the upstairs workroom
The downstairs workroom
 This week I've been working on some fabric weaving, using some self coloured selvages (I did warn you I throw nothing away!) Here's what I did, using a pin board or ironing board (I used a piece of polystyrene with a folded towel on top)
cut and pin down a square of lightweight iron on Vilene adhesive side up. (I used a 4"sq.)

 Pin some vertical selvedge strips side by side along the top edge covering the Vilene. 

Next lift alternate strips across the width,

lay a horizontal strip of a contrasting colour across, keeping close to the row of pins, secure each end with a pin

 replace the vertical strips, and lift the alternate set and pin the next strip in place.
Continue adding horizontal strips in this way till you reach the bottom, do not pin across the bottom of the work, iron (gently at first) to secure the strips, then remove the pins and give the whole thing a good press, before satin stitching all the joins in both directions. To complete it, I trimmed the uneven edges to 4", added a piece of backing (but no wadding) and bound the edges in the usual way.
I do have an idea in mind to use this but I'm still working on the final design elements so you will have to wait and see!
Tomorrow I'm going to a sewing day for WPQ where I will be helping to make some bits and pieces in preparation for the Exhibition next Spring, so now I need to pack a few things and make some lunch to take with me, then I'm off to bed.


  1. Love it!! Can't wait to try a little of this.

  2. Hi Catherine, Thanks for popping by, I will have to be making another one of these as I have discovered they make GREAT coasters, I discovered this when DH left my cuppa on it, now it has a stain so I can't use it for its original purpose!! :-(