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Friday, 27 January 2012

Where Oh where have I been???

Hi everyone,
I can't believe its almost 4 months since I've talked to you all! I don't know where the time has gone between my last post and today.. Oh! I know we had Christmas but really I have been sooo neglectful. Seems every time I pledged to myself to get back here I seemed to get easily distracted.
Pre Christmas was a round of quilt group Parties and appointments with Mum who had a severely infected toe (Ouch!!) plus I got way behind on the housework - shopping - cooking etc and im' indoors has developed a strange habit of coming in and just standing in the workroom, very off putting!!
But Hey!!! excuses will get me nowhere.
Christmas was very pleasant we were at DS's for lunch and spent a very nice day. Boxing day we had a visit from DD, DSIL(and his parents) DGD and the 'boys', (it was a sort of official 'meet the parents' day) I met I's parents briefly the weekend Baby H was born but Ray had not met them. The day after Boxing day we were at Mum's for tea and cake, and then it was all over for another year.
Before Christmas (see post Nov 3rd) you may remember I was about to make a fabric 'Origami' Wreath in time for Christmas well, as you will see if you read on things did not go exactly as planned.... I had shown you the fabrics I had decided on and this is what got done while Dog sitting during that weekend at DD's
Here is some fabric with the triangles drawn on..
 It was at this point that I checked the instructions and realised that I simply did not have enough of any of the fabrics Oh! b.......... What's gone wrong? I did not have any more of any of the fabrics, but decided to plough on regardless

 all cut out ready for sewing.
All sewn round leaving a gap at the bottom for turning
All the annoying little 'ears' trimmed off!

Turned through to right side, the pink one is pressed.
Some days later I saw the friend who had suggested the project and discovered that the triangles for a wreath are smaller than the ones for a tree ! By now it was late November and I remembered that I needed to make a cover for DSIL's 'Tablet' (kindle type computer I think!) as a present, so I put the triangles aside to make that. THEN I realised that I needed to make a Secret Santa gift for CTQ party oh help!!!!! only a few days to go, what to do? then I thought of all those triangles, so folded and stitched them into the required Units.... and made another tree!
Completed tree ready to be wrapped.

 I'm very pleased to say that the recipient was delighted. Phew!!!!
I took H to another Young Quilters workshop in November and she made this super stocking almost all on her own.
Everyone loved her choice of fabrics and so did I. Here it is hung it by a picture of the Athabasca Glacier BC Canada, that I visited in 2006 and the colour's were perfect.
 Last Saturday (21st) CTQ opened for its new season, I worked on some penny rug projects for a workshop at SVQ on Wednesday last (25th). We always have a mini workshop following the business of our A.G.M. here is some of what I made. I made a larger one also but forgot to photograph it but will show you all next time.
This is a small coaster (and the Brooches made earlier)
The little felt Poinsettia brooch I found in a tutorial for over at Lil fish Studios (here).
Finally before I go, I think spring is coming I looked out the other day and saw this in my garden...a lonely Daffodil, we alredy have a few Snowdrops and the Crocus's are in flower but this looked soooo alone!!

Here is a little peek at my DGD.
age 6 months and chewing everything.
And this is what I read before Christmas.        

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