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Thursday, 30 June 2011

U.F.O finished & Holidays

June 22nd
Didn't think I would have time to post before going off on holiday tomorrow but wanted to share my latest finished UFO project with you all, you may remember I was working on a colour wash project (posts on 27th & 28th May & 1 June) well I finally finished it yesterday after making a decision to finish it by tonight in time for Show & Tell at S.V.Q. I'm quite pleased with how it's turned out and think I have found just the place to hang it - in the Hallway, provided DH doesn't object. Anyway here it is...

Seams Zig - Zagged
Shapes Satin stitched
and finally

I am pleased with the way it has turned out and the bonus is, it hangs really well.
Tonight's workshop at Severn Valley is making these little colour-wash blocks, for our Group Banner, which was decided on after I showed my piece to the committee a while back. Now I'm off to to the workroom and that pile of U.F.O.'s to find some hand stitching to take with me tomorro and assemble all that I need to take to our group meeting tonight before Sheila picks me up. Then it's pack the 'van in the morning and we're off!!
See you all when I get back.
June 30th
We are returned from our little holiday, deciding to come home on Tuesday instead of Thursday we are not so much sunburned.. more rusted and rested LOL. The weather wasn't brilliant, but we did have some sunny times between the showers, apparently back at home it was too hot to move!! but at least we had a restful time with no panic phone calls from DD, who came over yesterday for a couple of hours, so far no movement on the 'Bump'.
I took some pictures around Cofton Country (www.coftoncountryholidays) the touring park we stay at near Dawlish, South Devon, to show you.
Now, I don't usually go round photographing the Gents Toilets on the site, but this sign on the wall outside made us smile, I got some very funny looks from folks walking past as I lined up the shot. I don't think it was a starlings nest as the hole is very small, more likely to have been Blue-tits.

 We went into Dawlish town on Saturday and walked along the river which runs right through the centre, they have all sorts of wildfowl along the river and when there are young ducklings they are put in a large pen, to protect them from the seagulls, here is a Black Swan with her Cygnets. Dawlish is famous for Black Swans and there are several pairs on the river!

                                                      Some of the older ducklings in a grassy pen pre-release.

We walked down to the seafront and all the way along to Coryton Cove (about a mile) the tide was right in and there was lots of 'splooshing waves' (the seaside has to have splooshing, doesn't it, it's so much more fun) here is the Ancient Mariner A.K.A. DH stood on the sea wall.To get to the Cove you walk all the way along the Seafront (See picture below) to the 1st headland, go around the end past a tiny beach where the fishermen can get their boats out and Coryton is between the 2 headlands you can see.
The Seafront
Coryton Cove
'Splooshing' and looking back the other way to wards the town
On the way back DH dropped me off in Cockwood (very small harbour just off the River Exe) I planned to walk the mile or so into Starcross, book a table at our favorite pub for Sunday Lunch, and walk back to the caravan site, however once back in Cockwood I decided to climb up thru the village and go over the hill to get back, it is very steep (I've only previously walked the other way and come down the hill!!) but I took my time and the climb was worth it!
The village school is near the top and it looked so pretty with the sun out and the Exe estuary below, though I'm not sure I would want to walk the kids to school up here every day if I lived near the bottom of the hill!!!!
The Main Entrance

The view from the school gate.
Well I will sign off now and go do some knitting, I've got 2 little cardigans to finish before the big event, Just have to pick up the stitches round the front/neck etc. I had planned to finish them while we were away but forgot to take the right size needles, Doh!!

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