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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Charity Shop Finds

I had such fun! Yesterday I spent the day with DD helping her to sort out the nursery ready for the baby ('D' date in four weeks - Yipee can't wait - and can't believe how fast the time has gone either!!!) We got the room cleaned and hung the curtains and light-shade, some of the nursery furniture went in as well - a wide natural pine shelf unit which will double up as the nappy changing station by having a changing mat on top, with storage for all the nappies, cotton wool, creams etc underneath. DD wanted to go on putting things in there but I said that she should let her partner have some say in the matter, I don't want him to think Mother in law has completely taken over! They invited me to stay for dinner but I think they should have all the time together they can in the next few weeks. Anyway I brought home all the BABY clothes for a wash through, and today my clothes line is full of BABY blankets and towels, and as I sit here it's all blowing gently in the wind. Quite takes me back.
Today I had took  Mum to Thornbury for her shopping trip, usual routine - drop her off safely in the supermarket and walk into town (that's my fitness regime for the day :-)))) ) Did the bank and Post office things etc, then dropped into the P.D.S.A. shop on the High Street - What did I find? -  a basket full of off-cut curtaining fabric at only £1.99 each, some were simply awful but others were just callin' out to me to make some nice 'green' shopping bags which I can sell at Severn Valley's Exhibition in October!!! I also found a single size Duvet cover so that came home as well, tho I have another use for that, and all for under a 'tenner' (£10).
This is the fabric I found in the Charity shop, there were 2 large pieces of the blue and one of the orange, I have made several bags already using some fabric passed on by a friend who makes curtains and soft furnishings, if they don't sell, at least I will have had the pleasure of making them, and guess what will be in all the family's stockings at Christmas :-))LOL

The 'colour wash' project went well on Saturday although I didn't finish it as I hoped, my Thanks must go to Radka (My Stitching Journey) for her comment on my last post, very helpful thank you.
I did not need as many pieces as I thought but think hope I got it about right, now I will add another black border before quilting and binding it. The instructions say to bring the backing over to the front as a binding but I may add a separate one, anyways here it is with all the little colour swatches added. The little white areas you can see on the blocks are where the bonded shapes do not quite meet but this should be covered by the quilting which will be done on all the joins. Lynne recommended using a zig- zag or fancy stitch with coloured thread to match the squares which will hopefully fill the gaps, so it should look pretty on the back as well! So watch this space as they say after all today is WIPW. though the light is a bit grey today and sewing with black???? (I know! I know! excuses excuses - just get on with it woman!!)
So I will sign off and do just that.
Bye for now

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