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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

To Continue

I promised to get back here and here I am...
During May 1/2 term while DD needed a few hours to herself, I took little H to visit Saul Junction on the Gloucester Sharpness Canal,  We had a wonderful 'sunny funny' day with lots of laughter, after taking a walk along the towpath to look at the many and varied narrow boats moored up, we saw a real Pirate ship, luckily this was moored on the other bank so we were in no danger from the trusty crew!! (who were actually life sized models but, H was not convinced and did not want to get any closer)
we ate our picnic near one of the lock gates, and
every time a pleasure craft came through she was jumping around shouting 'there's another one Grandma'. Such a simple almost free pastime (parking is a £1 for 4 hours!) but she loved it and some of the folks even waved to us, (even more exciting!) After lunch we traveled a few miles down the road to St Augustines Farm Park where we followed a Treasure Hunt and Little H learned to milk a cow, without any instruction she simply sat down and got on with it!
She had fun on the assault course - I was exhausted but she kept going round.
Oh! and we saw lots of animals as well:-)))

I used this outing as a means of practicing the use of a Sat Nav (borrowed from DD) as I had to go on a long journey. The reason for this huge adventure was to visit my best friend Laura, who moved to Arthog, a tiny village near Dolgellau/Barmouth in Snowdonia with her family almost 3 years ago, and is in the process of setting up a longarm quilting business.
Ever since she left I have been saying I would visit, BUT - it was a long journey (4+ Hours) and I had NEVER driven that far on my own.... so I kept finding reasons not to go, but finally a date was agreed. The day dawned (13th June) I packed the car with everything I would need (and quite a lot I didn't need!) SO with the Sat Nav firmly attached to the windscreen, with maps marked with the route by DS (in case the sat nav failed of course!) and with knees knocking visibly, I set of in trepidation. Of course the sat nav DID NOT fail and I got to my first stop (Builth Wells) where I had a break for some tea, toast and toilet. From there on I found myself surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen.
Arriving safely at the other end I have never felt so proud of myself. There followed three blissful days spent sewing. With her eldest taken to school, Laura was able to join me, though of course there is a limit to how many times you can sit a 3 year old in front of 'Frozen' in one day. I was spoilt rotten and was not allowed to do anything except make the occasional cuppa. To avoid Poppy getting completely square eyes, on Wednesday morning we set off after the school run to Barmouth where we played on the beach
and paddled (Oh how I have missed walking on the beach and paddling. sigh!!) followed by a leisurely cuppa with yummy Welsh cakes. Then all to soon Friday came and it was time to repeat all of the above only in reverse, I got lost once (but found myself again!!) and navigated some floods caused by a huge thunder storm and torrential rain that fell throughout most of the journey.
Arriving home with my batteries recharged and inspired to continue with the sewing project I had worked on at Laura's, within a couple of days I had finished this..

the Disapearing 4 Patch started a couple of months ago at CTQ and now aptly named Brynhyfryd Blues (Brynhyfryd is the name of Laura's House.)
Then I raided the UFO box and found this

and this 

and a Disappearing 9 Patch project started at least 6/8 years ago, the 9 patches are already cut, however I cannot remember what system I was using to re-assemble the blocks so I'm making it up as I go along, I have quite a few more blocks to do but so far it looks like this, what do you think?
Well that's about it for tonight so I'll sign off

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