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Thursday, 3 September 2015

While Iv'e been Gone Part 2

So what else happened in August, well the outside of the big build got pushed a little further, our builder came over and got most of the little roof over the garage done, the rough cast had been done and the windows were cleaned (well they said they were clean but I would dispute this!!!)

This was the point at which the lead flashing ran out and DH started to suffer with his sore neck so for the next 3 weeks nothing got done as the builder was away on holiday and DH was feeling very sorry for himself.
I mentioned hand sewing last time, the adorable Ted was coming to stay while DD & Co went away in their tent for a few days, staying near Oxwich Bay and managing to pick a really good week-end, so a good time was had by all. While Mr T is here I find it difficult to sew upstairs as he insists on sitting right behind my 'wheelie chair' which means I keep running him over! So instead I planned lots of hand sewing. I managed to get the binding machined on the little quilt that I told you about in my post on 27th July before he arrived and spent several happy hours in the conservatory with my feet up while hand stitching the back down. I found just the right red checkered fabric for the binding

and here is the finished quilt, modeled by my Hair Bear Bunch!

I  then decided to work on the Seed Heads kit bought from Jane Davies, and started in May, I have really enjoyed it, here is a close up of the top part, the instructions said to add a small piece of sheer fabric under each of the 'heads' embroidering over the top
and this is the other end I decided to use 2 small strips of the sheer fabric across this part of the piece. Once the stitching was done the felt circles were added to be held in place by some french knots but I found some seed beads that I liked better.

I have been doing some knitting too (of course!) my main project being a blanket, this is 1 of 2 to be made before the New Year as I have 2 friends who are expecting around the same time. I'm using the 4ply pattern that I used last year, and a cone of pretty lemon yarn which I've had laying around (not literally of course) for some years.

I would have finished this by now if I had not spotted a mistake in the border about 5" up, after I had knitted 11" of the 22" required. I have now managed 18", so another week should see it done. I only knit this in the mornings (or if I'm on my own) as I find I like peace & quiet to concentrate on the pattern, which although it's only a 12 row pattern, involves lots of counting. I made a beanie hat while traveling on the bus during a day trip to Lady Sew and Sew back in July, and on the trip to the N.E.C I knitted a preemie cardigan. I am also trying to size up the pattern to use D.K. yarn instead of 4ply which so far is going quite well, much to my surprise as I have not tried this type of 'experiment' before.
Well I may not be back till next week with Part 3 as I have Little H arriving tomorrow for a sleepover this weekend, her last before starting school on Monday (where did those 4 years go? :-((( ) we are going to be quite busy as its the village Flower Show on Saturday and we are both going to enter a few things. I am entering 3 of the cookery classes as well as the craft and H is doing 6 classes. I'll let you know how we get on.
Well that's it for now
Night night.

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