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Thursday, 23 July 2015

Big Build and other news

On Saturday 4th July, I did a volunteer session at the Museum, it was Carnival day in Thornbury and we saw a little of the parade, later I was met by Lisa and her family who came to take me out to lunch (they are sooo kind,) we ended up at the carnival field, where there was of course a  4th July theme, as some of you know I love BIG US Vehicles so after Lisa and Co left for home I hung around and went to find them.

Exciting things are happening here day by day on the BIG BUILD project, there are too many pictures to bore you all to death with but so far the roof is finished, the windows are in and the top area is plastered, here are pictures of the progress to date. About two weeks ago the top flight of scaffolding came down at the back and completely at the front which has exposed the top of the build, so from outside it looks like this
This is the front
and at the back, you can now see where the old landing window is sited. Next up was progress inside, I came home from a trip out and met DH coming down the stairs looking something like a creature from Dr Who, we have black compo (cement) in between the bricks which are dark red (the house was built in 1934/5 and that was pretty standard back then) He was covered in thick red/black dust

DH has now seriously hit through on the landing by enlarging the gap where the landing window used to be (see previous post) he temporarily blocked the hole with an old door so no going in at that point - picture taken from the doorway of my current sewing room.
 Last Monday while I was up here sewing, he moved the storage heater to it's new position on the landing and on Tuesday finished opening up the doorway sooo now  

I can ACTUALLY walk into my new sewing space (as long as I'm careful not to fall through the spaces between the scaffolding planks that make up the floor) WHOOO HOOO - YIPPEEE!!! We are now 'discussing' power points and what will go where i.e. the sewing machine, iron etc. I think I will need at least 6 power points to avoid having to trail extension cables around the floor (as I do now) this room has 3 points (a single and a double) which are on opposite sides of the room so there are extension cables all over the place!)
On the craft front I have not been idle, Little H turned 4 on the 8th and requested a 'family party' at Grandma's house so balloons were inflated and party food was provided for said celebration, 
her present from her Mum & Dad was this splendid abode which is an impressive 6ft x 4ft.
since assembling it, which took a whole weekend (while H came here for a sleepover) DD and hubby have had difficulty keeping her out of it. I have made curtains and a large pillow sized cushion from fabric chosen while she was here,
 plus a smaller cushion in the same fabric and this knitted cushion
and 6ft of pink bunting (all to help with 'furnishing said house) which also has a row of colour changing fairy lights) 
I am still knitting - doll clothes for H's newest 'baby', a jacket and shorts completed plus a sweater on the needles. 
On the 18th it was Clock Tower Quilters, I had requested a full turnout on the pretense of discussing our finances, but what I actually had planned was a BIG SURPRISE in the guise of a visit from Laura one of our founder members who, you may remember moved to Wales in December. Laura had said she may come down for a couple of days to drop her eldest daughter off for a visit with her Grandparents and could she come sew with us for the day. So with it all secretly organized my job was to get everyone there hence, the pretense! Oh boy did it work well, Laura arrived around 10.30 and everyone was soooo delighted to see her, the rest of the day was spent catching up on everyone's news plus some stitching got done too, I got 2 charity quits layered up and tacked ready to quilt 
A star quilt made from donated Orphan blocks and this one from some more of my randon Log Cabin blocks (and Yes I do still have some more left!!)
and made more progress with my embroidery.  

 Oh! and we did discussed the finances albeit very briefly.
Yesterday was an outing with Severn Valley Quilters to Lady Sew & Sew at Henley on Thames, where some serious retail therapy took place. I bought the gridded fabric to make my planned design wall and a few other bits and bobs. During the coach journey there and back I managed to knit another beanie hat to pass on to the local supporters of the Butterfly Space in Malawi. Lots of happy quilters with very big bags of goodies got back around 5.30pm, our monthly meeting was at 7.30 so after a quick bite to eat and cuppa off I went again, only 13 members there but we had a good hand sewing evening with a cuppa and good knatter. I did some more to my embroidery which looks like it could be completed very soon, if  I'm pleased with it I may enter it into the village Flower Show.
And that as they say is that for this time, except to say if anyone is going to the Festival of Quilts on the 8th and would like to get in touch leave me a comment or email me via this blog and we'll try to get together for a coffee.
Bye for now

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