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Friday, 19 June 2015

Big Build Progress!

Have you noticed that the posts on this blog are like buses, you wait absolutely ages for one then 2 come along at once! But I wanted to bring you up to date on the Big Build, this week we have had some lovely weather and so the boys' (aka known as DH & Mike) have really steamed on with the roof, the timbers were completed on Wednesday,

and the building inspector booked to call on Thursday. Unfortunately he did not arrive till 3.30pm so they had to spend the day doing trivial jobs but as soon as the inspector had 'signed off' the timbers they started to get the roofing felt on, working til almost 7pm last night, and continuing this morning, so now it looks like this.
This is the back view, you can see I have 'ordered' a large window!
The front looks good too.. this window is smaller but it has to match the exisiting bedroom window, but 2 windows should give me plenty of light to sew by. Today DH orderd the windows which will be ready next week.
Other news this week is that I have started to volunteer at my local museum, I have been in twice to learn the ropes etc, I love that we have a museum here and though it is small it seems to be 'pefectly formed'. They have part of a Roman Coin hoard which was discovered in the area where my grandparents lived, this actually belongs to Bristol museum so we have some of it on permanent loan.
The area at the side is made attractive with some pretty flowers beds, which are maintained by the local Women's Institute. 
The bulding to the right of this picture is the hall where Severn Valley Quilters hold their meetings. Over the years I have loaned the museum lots of our family pictures which they have copied, so I guess you could say I am actually an artefact there. I learned during my visits that they have just aquired 2 quilts which date back to the 1800's, I'll be trying to get a look at those in due course!!!
Finally I have been making Jam, DSIL visited his parents last weekend and they have 2 allotments, so he was sent home with a lage quantity of rhubarb, (and quite a few other things as well!) but DD doesn't like rhubarb so I got a fair amount of it 'donated' to me, trouble is DH can't stand the stuff either so what does one do with it I ask myself, then yesterday I decided to make some Jam. Out came the trusty Recipe book
I have been using this book for 40 years, DH gave it too me as a wedding present (not sure what he was hinting at!!!!) but it's the one I always turn too for no nonsense cooking advice, the recipe for Rhubarb Jam was a straightforward set of instructions.... so in 4 easy lesons this is what I did.
Wash and prepare the fruit  (I had 2lbs) and chop into short pieces, place this in a non mettalic bowl and layer it with the sugar (1.5lbs) and the juice of 3 lemons (I didn't have any fresh lemons so I guesstimated the amount from a bottle of juice I had in the fridge) and leave overnight.
By this morning there was a considerable amount of juice and the fruit had softened, it almost looked 'cooked'. I placed the mixture in a large pan over a medium heat till it came to the boil.
Once the fruit is boiling turn down the heat but keep it on an 'active boil' stirring often to stop it burning, the smell was wonderful!
and 12 minutes later the setting point was reached, after cooling it slightly I put it into clean washed Jars. Voila! almost 3lbs of jam, just a shame I'm on a diet!!!!
Well perhaps just one slice of nice fresh bread......... LOL who am I kidding, who can stop at one slice when home made jam is around. :-))
Byee for now folks.


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