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Thursday, 17 July 2014

IT'S Done

Hi Folks, I am popping by to let you all know that at LONG LAST Maisie Mouse is finished, done completed - however you want to say it and here it is 
I am soo proud of those seams, in future I shall Mattress stitch EVERYTHING well maybe not everything but all my 'knitty' projects anyways.
Look you can hardly see the join!!
and here is the Oh so patient recipient wearing it!
I am now getting excited by the fact that I can now begin another project - yippee! some months ago I found some lovely tweedy Aran yarn in a local cut price supermarket, as DH liked the colour I bought 3 very large balls (400grms) I then hot footed it to the Wool Stop and found a pattern he also liked (not easy) so that's next on the list.

I also hope to start some sewing this week, I still find it a struggle to get my head into new projects after the year we just had, and though I know that I will enjoy it once I start, I still keep putting it off. I think that's why I do the swaps, it makes me start projects that I have to finish and therefore it keeps me sewing!!
On another track I was talking to fellow Blogger Carys on Monday evening, and she mentioned that she had left a comment on my previous post but it had not been put on well that's because any comments on my posts are emailed to me first so I can verify them, once that's done, I add them to my posts and send a reply, so my friends if you leave me a comment and then can't find it on the post that's the reason.
I'm off out to lunch with DH in about 10 minutes so I'll be back to finish this later!!
Much later... in fact a whole day later!! the rest of yesterday went by in a blur.. we came back after a lovely lunch HERE after which we went off to Thornbury museum to try to find out if they had any history on Thornbury Football club, whom DH played for over a 25 year period, that done we returned home, when a visitor arrived, so after much chatting and several cups of tea it felt just to late to get going again, don't you find that going out for a meal makes you feel all lethargic or is that just laziness on my part? My friend Helen brought me a book she thought I would like written by the wonderful Mary Thomas, I have a modern edition of this book by Jan Eaton but this book is more like the original version which I believe is out of print, and I am delighted with it. The acknowledgments are in her own words and there are some amusing little cartoon drawings to illustrate the stitches.

 My modern edition is in full colour and I use it A LOT when I am doing embroidery or crazy patchwork, the illustrations are really easy to see and make learning new stitches very easy
So by the time I had looked through the book there was no sewing as promised for me, just more knitting (no change there then) once I had my I tea  and then got settled in front of the TV for my fave programme which I have been following for three seasons. I cast on 134 sts for DH's sweater (- golly that's a long way along a row when you have been making tiny baby projects!!!) and managed about 5 rows of double rib before giving up and going to bed. Up early today and decided to do some more to the baby jacket I am making (I usually have 2/3 projects on the needles at any one time - one larger one, one small easy one and something small that I can pop in my bag if I am going out, so I can knit wherever I am -Dr's, Dentist, coffee shop etc does that sound excessive?) This cardi is one of my own designs and is knitted all in one piece, so minimal pieces to make and not much sewing up.
I had this pretty yarn left from a previous sweater made for DGD last year and thought it would be nice for a premmie baby project. Today has been busy too I spent the morning lazing around (it's sooooo HOT today!!!) then set off to buy some knitting needles for the aran sweater (do you find you never seem to have the right size in 'stock') I had steel ones but not bamboo which I prefer as they feel kinder on my hands, before picking up Carys to go to the cinema we have been trying for over a month to get together to see 'Belle' and today we made it, it was a very good film based on a true story set just before the abolishing of Slavery. Well worth a watch if you get chance.
Well that's it for today it's time to go.



  1. she looks so proud of her new jumper xx well done x

  2. Thank you Dianne!
    Thats one project that I am very glad to get off the needles.

  3. I really envy you being able to knit, I've managed a circular cowl with just two stitches, but I look at patterns and they may as well be written in Spanish. I need to win the lottery so I have more time to do crafty stuff.
    What a kind friend to pick up the book of embroidery stitches for you, I must say I am a complete hoarder of craft books, I bet even though you've got an updated version, it's lovely to look through.
    Get sewing - don't wait for inspiration!! What about trying mini quilts as wall hangings which are quicker to finish?

  4. Hi Kim, Thanks for dropping in Hope you are feelin much better! Yes it's great being able to knit but it has it's drawbacks too... more on that later though.