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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

The big Clean Up!

Well my friends another month has gone by and not much sewing done!:-((   My fault, just haven't been in the mood lately! So today I decided that it was probably 'cause my sewing room is a tip, and has become a 'dumping ground' for all those bits and pieces I didn't know what to do with (plus a few other things as well), here's some pictures.
The sewing table
and the cutting table

the ironing board
See what I mean? Anyway today was the BIG HUGE clean up and what a difference it's made, now I can get in here to sew!!!
I've been working on the Rennie Mackintosh Rose Trapunto cushion, I finished stitching all the 'tramlines' about 2 weeks ago at a sewing afternoon with Severn Valley, and this evening I assembled the 'sandwhich' and started the quilting, it's looking quite good and hopefully I will get some more done tomorrow.

Yesterday was spent at my DD's, we spent time going through the baby equipment she has plus some cot bedding bought on Ebay. Ive given her the baby blanket I made, but forgot to take a picture! and I've almost finished a little cardigan, just the neck ribbing to do. I hope to make a few more before the little one arrives.

It's been a busy couple of weeks, it was Clock Tower Quilters on 19th Feb, then on 26th I was teaching all day, the girls on my course are doing fine and are now quite able to work on their own with only a little help from me. This end of the week, I'm taking Mum to the 'Women's World Day of Prayer' on Friday evening,  Saturday will see me off to the Region 5 Regional day which I am looking forward to. It's advertised as 'A Day with Judi Mendelssohn' with the morning talk is entitled 'Not being a Championship Quilter' then after lunch Judi is running a mini workshop making 3D Flowers which sounds intriguing. There will be 2 traders and the home made cakes are not too be missed plus the chance to meet up with friends old and new.
Had a surprise last weekend when Kevin, Sarah & Harriet popped in with the news that Harriet has been given a place at a private girl's school in Bristol, after an interview and an entrance exam they were delighted for her to be offered a scholarship. H started on Monday and telephoned last night, to tell me all about her first 2 days which she seems to have enjoyed no end, she has already made two new friends and been invited to a birthday party. I have promised her that I will take her to some quilt meetings this year, she is quite ready to try a few workshops plus I'm taking her to a Young Quilter's day in April.

I'm reading a great book at the mo and can't put it down, written by Archibald Stansfield Belaney it tells of his life in the Canadian backwoods during the last century.

Well that about brings you up to date with things here so I'd better sign out and go to bed. Night night all!

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